Friday, December 21, 2012


I have not posted on the blog in a while, because I have started a new blog:

THAT blog is linked to my book's website,  I may recycle and update some of my old posts there, and of course there will be new material on Gaul, the Celts, and Death Speaker.

And what is Death Speaker?

A novel of Ancient Gaul, set at the beginning of Caesar's Conquest.

You can read the first five chapters for free at

You can buy the book at Amazon or (print only) It's also available to borrow through Amazon Prime, if you are a member.

About the book:

In ancient Gaul, Emyn, a Celtic peasant, hears the dead and lets them plunge her into visions. Using her voice, ghosts advise druids and kings, warning them of danger from Caesar and his Roman troops. But can the spirits be trusted any more than the living?

Emyn suffers loss, kidnapping and betrayal. Ultimately, she must rely on her own stubborn courage to face her destiny.

Death Speaker evokes a forgotten world of spirits and heroes. The story, with elements of magical realism, will appeal to fans of Celtic lore and anyone who appreciates a richly-told tale with a unique voice.


"Reminiscent of Game of Thrones. An exotic and well-written mix of ghost stories, history, and romance played out on an epic stage."

Stephen Smoke,
Author of Cathedral of the Senses and I, Walt Whitman

"Death Speaker is an epic saga about Emyn's life, and her search for happiness.

"It is a spellbinding story about love and loss, betrayal and honor. . . . makes for a read that pulls at one's heartstrings. A life so gripping, it becomes impossible to tear oneself away. A truly amazing story!"

Ana Smith, for InD'Tale Ezine

"This was one of the best novels I have read in a long time. Miss Kall takes a possibly bland story and turns it into this adventure that kept me hooked until the very ending! She brings interesting characters and ideas and thoughts together and combines them to make a thrilling tale of love, survival and trust. . . . it's five ghosts out of five for this brilliant tale"

Sammy the Bookworm, Review Site for Teens

Enjoy the first chapters here!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Indies Choice Winners

Just in case you want to stock up on books for Easter vacation, the ABA announced these favorites, voted on by independent booksellers/bookstores. (Full article here)

With links to Amazon, the winners are:

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Going to a Trade Show?

Midland Display Products is your one-stop shop. I love that their 800 number is right there, at the top of the main page--in fact, on every page, so you don't have to go searching for it.
The choices are clear, even though there are many. Search along a side menu for the display size you need, or let pictures guide you to the visual statement you want to make with your trade show displays.
Some folks like to shop, and there is plenty to look at here. But I especially like the top buttons for Chat, Design, and Show that let you skip the browsing and go immediately to a chat room, or to directions for sending in your rough designs and ideas, or to selecting an industry/product so that Midland can send you ideas. It couldn't be any faster.
I have to admit, though, that the Design and Show pages don't have the polished, professional look of the other pages. The contrasting red paragraph-black paragraph pattern, large default font, and the wide borders make me think of an aggressive sales letter.